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Patraukliausiai klientų įvertinti reklamos kanalai

Every day, over 950 buses and trolleybuses move to the streets on major Lithuanian cities. They transport some 825,000passengers per day, or 297 million per year. That equates to the entire population of the United States of America!

On a single day, 1 unit of public transport travels an average of 250 km, with a total mileage per day of 237,500 km.That is nearly distance of 6 times around the globe, every single day!

Public transport runs from 5.00 until 24.00.

Average passenger spends 15-20 minutes on a bus or trolleybus.

As many as 64% passengers use buses and trolleybuses when going to work, while some 20% use public transport to get to educational institutions, e.g. schools, universities, and colleges.

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