About us

Thank you for your interest in Grabmedia!

In short, our company’s history begins with the fact that in 2009 we have installed in 9 cities in Lithuania special promotion handles-holders for passengers inside busses and trolleys. This advertising method has been well known abroad in various countries around the world – starting in Poland and ending in China, but this was a novelty in Lithuania. Soon our consistent work resulted in a number of advertising campaigns for a great many of Lithuanian companies and organizations which have become our partners in every-day work.

The company’s name Grabmedia specifically comes from the English words Grab and Media and means to grab advertising. However, we haven’t confined ourselves with only such form of advertising. Eventually, expanding the range of services we have added a number of other advertising positions within the public transport, and included the bus / trolley outside banding throughout Lithuania.

We are happy to boast that as early as 2012 we became leaders in this field. In our view, we have managed to achieve this due to our attention on customers, considering their needs we offer all necessary recommendations in choosing the most advantageous advertising solution. Of importance is also our ability to perform all the necessary work related to the project and provide guarantees, so that the client has no additional concerns.

This year we can offer more non-standard outdoor advertising projects in order to reach a more diverse audience. We are the only and exclusive advertising agents for sports and fitness centres   (www.impuls.ltwww.gymplius.ltwww.lemongym.lt).

In our work we choose to be flexible and we strive to communicate more widely with the client, so that working together we could achieve the best results. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask any questions now!